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Chef Antonio Pisaniello
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Italian restaurant manager

Chef Antonio Pisaniello has run his personal restaurant, La Locanda di Bu, in the village of Nusco since 2004. Located in the hills of Irpinia, the province of Avellino, the lovely restaurant's light cuisine focuses on the ingredients and recipes of the area's traditional dishes, giving it a modern touch without losing sight of the rich cultural heritage of these uniquely southern Italian flavours. His latest book, 46 Pasta Recipes was published in 2008 by Edizioni Gribaudo. Pisaniello has been the subject of many articles in Italy and abroad, and his restaurant is featured in all the most prestigious guidebooks, including Michelin, Gambero Rosso and Espresso.

Chef Pisaniello has also worked as a consultant chef for various prestigious restaurants and gastronomy courses in Italy and abroad, including:

Capri: the summer season for Ristorante Nettuno, by the Blue Grotto
Romania: visiting lecturer at ALMA cooking school, with a training course at Metro.
New Orleans: Masterclass on traditional Irpinian pastas at the annual IACP conference of gastronomic professionals
Milwaukee: Created Italian dinners for the Bartolotta restaurants in this American city.
Montreal: Dinner event created for the Campania Chamber of Commerce's official visit to Canada.

Rome: Recorded «In cucina con lo chef» TV special for the Gambero Rosso Food Channel
Rome: Consultant and executive chef for Ninco Nanco restaurant in the heart of the city, by the Pantheon
Yearlong teaching contract with ALMA cooking schools
Naples: guest lecturer at the Gambero Rosso's Neapolitan Cittą del Gusto

Milan: Guest presentation at the international food convention, Identitą Golosa
Saint Petersburg: Consultant chef for the deluxe restaurant Tiffany in this great Russian capital
Rome: several guest appeareances on Gambero Rosso Food TV Channel
USA: Subject of a feature article with recipes in Bon Appetit magazine, by Carla Capalbo
New York: Master class on Irpinian pastas and dinner for New York food journalists at the James Beard House

Jesi: visiting lecturer at the international cooking school Italcook
Toronto and Montreal: cooked two gala dinners for the Italian Institute of Commerce (ICE)
Nusco; Organized and cooked at the international food festival Cucina Tra Le Nuvole, with other chefs, including David Pasternack of Esca restaurant in New York City

Opened his new restaurant, La Locanda di Bu, with his sommelier wife, Jenny

New York: Guest chef on Rocco Di Spirito's «The Restaurant» reality show for 2 weeks (NBC TV)

Ran his restaurant, Il Gastronomo, at Ponteromito, Avellino province, Campania

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